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Development or optimization of crystallization processes

Influence of crystallization process conditions on resulting crystal size distribution

The aim of this project is general characterization of a crystallization processes, either cooled or antisolvent crystallizations. To this end, both in-situ and offline characterization methods are used, be it process analytical probes controlling the process in real time (Raman spectroscopy, optical camera, FBRM), or using electron or optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, DSC and other methods. We start from crystal screening, moving up to larger scales. Using data obtained from the process, we focus on improving the crystal size distribution (CSD) using population balance modelling and scale-up of the crystallization. During the characterization, problems are encountered and solved, e.g. heterogeneous crystal growth, crystal agglomeration or how tableting can influence crystal agglomerates, using our resources to have an impact in the pharmaceutical industry.

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